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Strong turnout from the Strabane District at Lá Mór na Gaeilge

Published: 18 February, 2014

Maolíosa McHugh pictured with Gerry Adams

Maolíosa McHugh pictured with Gerry Adams

The Strabane District was well represented at the Lá Mór na Gaeilge march in Dublin at the weekend where it was reported that 10,000 took to the streets.

The march was organised to demand equality for the Irish language.

Coordinated by Conradh na Gaeilge, Lá Mór na Gaeilge was a celebration of Irish for all the family and a massive march for language rights, attracting both members of the Irish-speaking community as well as those with a love for Irish.

Councillor Maolíosa McHugh who took part in the event said,

"I was privileged to attend the march on Saturday, and was delighted to see so many from the Strabane District in attendance. I am a proud Irish language speaker and activist and was happy and willing to take a stand for the Irish language with people from all over the 32 counties, to take proactive action to ensure a future for our language.

The aim of Lá Mór na Gaeilge was to drive the Governments to recognise and appreciate the importance and the value of the Irish language for this country.

Sinn Féin's record on promoting and supporting the Irish language is widely acknowledged throughout the island of Ireland. However, there is still much more to be done. Everyone has a role to play in supporting the Irish language and it is very important that we continue to do that.

There will be a number of actions in the weeks ahead including a demonstration in Belfast on the 12th of April which I would encourage everyone to attend."