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Fintona Residents need their say on future of Super Loo

Published: 17 February, 2014

West Tyrone Councillor Glen Campbell has urged the people of Fintona to have their say on the future of the town's super loo. He was commenting after he received confirmation from Kevin O'Gara, head of Technical Services for Omagh District Council that they would be talking to local residents via the Fintona Community Forum on a report conducted into the super loo.

Councillor Campbell said,

"The super loo was initially installed on main street, Fintona as a trial, with a lease set to expire in 2016. Kevin O'Gara has confirmed to me that the Council's Technical Services unit will be reporting back to Fintona Community Forum, on the usage, maintenance and associated cost for the system, this presents a perfect opportunity for people to have their say on its future. If you have strong feelings on this issue, you can contact me immediately and I will ensure your opinions are raised."

"It will be an opportunity to address concerns, or to offer suggestions in the event that the lease is not extended beyond 2016. One option that could be considered by the Council is a phased renovation of the current block of public toilets. It is important that whatever decisions are taken regarding the future of the super loo and public toilets that Fintona Residents are the decision makers."