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Sectarian targeting of Teacher Condemned

Published: 4 February, 2014

Councillor Sorcha McAnespy has slammed the sectarian targeting of Catholic School teacher and party colleague Catherine Seeley by the Protestant Coalition.

Ms Seeley has previously worked in the Drumragh Integrated Secondary School in Omagh and many pupils who she taught from there and the Boy's Model School, Ballysillan have come out in support of her both online and in the media.

Councillor McAnespy said:

"I condemn the depraved sectarian targeting and witch hunt of Catherine being conducted by the so called political party, the Protestant Coalition."

"No teacher, whatever their beliefs or religion, should be singled out and targeted in such a way. Catherine has not been able to return to her place of work as a result of these actions."

"The amount of supportive comments coming from Catherine's former pupils here in Omagh and from Ballysillan is extremely heartening and is one of the strongest possible rebukes to the bigots leading this hate campaign."

"The sole purpose of the Protestant Coalition is anti-peace process, sectarian and inflammatory politics led by people like Willie Frazer, who Unionists parties consulted with in recent negotiations."

"It is now high time for Unionist political leaders to face down these rejectionist elements and come out to strongly defend the right of people to live and work free from sectarian harassment."