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Illegal Rubbish Dumping Must Stop - McColgan

Published: 24 January, 2014

Omagh Town Councillor Marty McColgan has been in touch with the Housing Executive and Environmental Health to report and clear up rubbish which has been dumped in the Strathroy and Shergrim Estate.

Councillor McColgan said,

"There has been a spate of illegal rubbish dumping in Shergrim and Strathroy in the past week. This is totally unacceptable and the culprits need to stop. Their actions impact on the image of the area and undermines the positive work of the community. I have reported all incidents to the Housing Executive and Environmental Health."

"Additional to the bin lifts, the Civic Amenity Site at Gortrush is a free facility to dispose of any household rubbish, and the Council also offer a bulky lift service which is available free to all households twice a year. I would encourage everyone to avail of these services, there are no excuses for illegal dumping and anyone who witnesses it should report it to the Council or Housing Executive."