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Campbell hopeful for quick restoration of BT service in Eskra

Published: 3 January, 2014

West Tyrone Sinn Féin Councillor Glenn Campbell has said he is hopeful that BT service in Eskra will be quickly restored. Residents in Corbo Road, Eskra have been without phone service since Christmas Eve.

Speaking on Thursday, Councillor Campbell said,

"BT landlines have been out of service on the Corbo Road Eskra since New Years eve. I have spoken to BT and they have assured me Engineers have located the source of the problem and service will be quickly restored." "According to BT, the problem has been caused by damage to a junction box in the area. I have been assured that residents in Corbo Road, and any other areas affected, will have normal BT service resumed." "I welcome the fact that priority will be given to fixing problem, since it is affecting many customers in the area.