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Sinn Féin proposing Dock Street/Scor Site location for new build Leisure Centre

Published: 2 December, 2013

Sinn Féin is proposing that the new build Leisure Centre planned by Strabane District Council be located at the town's Dock Street/Scor Site area, as part of a wider mixed use development, citing the benefits it would have for the revitalisation and regeneration of the town centre.

In a statement on behalf of the local party Michaela Boyle said,

"We firmly believe that the Dock Street/Scor Site is the optimum location for Council's planned new build Leisure Centre so as secure maximum socio-economic benefit. Locating the new state of the art leisure facility at this location firstly compliments the already existing civic amenities and excellent facilities that we have in the Alley Theatre and Library and by moving to cluster all our main civic amenities in a 'Civic Quarter' of the town has the flowing benefits:

· It would increase footfall in the town centre from local people and visitors alike with positive spin-offs being generated for surrounding businesses;

· It would help maximise usage figures and in turn sustainability

· It would greatly enhance the ability to attract further investment to develop the wider canal basin area for wider mixed-use development such as additional retail, office space and possibly hotel accommodation in line with the objectives of the DSD Masterplan for the town centre's regeneration.

· This development would also strengthen the case for the co-location at the site of the new type health hub which has been earmarked for Strabane under the 'Transforming Your Care' proposals.

· Like the Alley Theatre and Library facilities, this town centre location for the new Leisure Centre would be deemed as a neutral venue for all to enjoy.

'We are all acutely aware of the problems currently facing Strabane town centre. The issues around out of town developments and how they have affected town centres across the north now for many years are well documented. Sinn Féin locally, for many months now, has been having discussion with many stakeholders on how best to rectify the issues and return major footfall to the town centre and we believe that re-inventing and re-marketing Strabane town centre as a major leisure and social hub is crucial to turning our fortunes around.

Therefore within Council, our party has formally proposed that the new Leisure Centre for the town be located in the Dock Street/Scor site area as we believe that this development would engender the greatest socio-economic benefit.