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Farmers to have their say at Single Farm Payment consultation

Published: 22 November, 2013

West Tyrone MLA and Glenelly Councillor Dan Kelly have invited the farming community to have their say on the future of Single Farm Payments (CAP Pillar 1). They have organized a public consultation for Thursday 28thNovember in Cranagh Community hall. The event start at 7.30pm. According to Cllr Kelly, 'The Single Farm Payment is absolutely vital for farmers across the country. In fact, many would not be able to continue without it, so the recent negotiations on CAP reform and potential changes to the SFP have provoked a lot of interest among the farming community. 'Farmers are aware that the current SFP is to be replaced with a new Basic Payment Scheme and they know of the requirement for 'greening measures'. They are also aware that there are plans to replace LFA's with Areas of Natural Constraint and that the EU Court of Auditors frown on the practice of dual SFP/LFACA claims, but they are uncertain about how and when all of this will impact upon them. Mr Mc Aleer, who is a member of the DARD committee said 'The Single Farm Payment is vital for the rural economy and way of life. Last year, the total amount paid out was £245 million to approximately 32,000 applicants. CAP reform has allowed for regionalisation and DARD has indicated that there are as many as 80 decision points which can help us shape the policy to suit the needs of farmers in this region. 'We have organized these public consultations so that farmers in Tyrone and Derry can hear directly from DARD officials about the proposed reforms, have their questions answered and have their views aired. We extend an open invitation to everyone'. The events will be facilitated by senior DARD officials and an opening address will be given by Martina Anderson MEP.