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Boyle questions DRD Minister on 'bottle neck' problems of Bridge Street.

Published: 20 November, 2013

During oral question time at the Assembly on Monday 18th November Sinn Féin West Tyrone Michaela Boyle MLA had the opportunity to question the Regional Development Minister, Danny Kennedy, about what measures he will consider bringing forward to help alleviate the traffic bottle-neck on the Bridge Street side of Strabane's old bridge.

The local MLA said;

"The worst traffic bottle neck in Strabane is undoubtedly the narrow stretch of road on the Bridge Street approach to the bridge with traffic often coming to a complete standstill when traffic is in any way heavy. This problem has been the basis of repeated representations to Roads Service down through the years but little scope has existed to improve the situation.
"However, in light of the extremely welcome half-a-million pound Public Realm Scheme announced for Bridge Street, I believe that a golden opportunity now exists at the design stage of this scheme to incorporate remedial measures which would help contribute to alleviating traffic congestion at this stretch.

Therefore, in my written question DRD Minister Danny Kennedy, I have asked him to consider measures to help alleviate the traffic bottle-neck on the Bridge Street side of Strabane's old bridge.

In response he acknowledged the problem and confirmed plans to install a new yellow box junction at the entrance to Melvin Road in the next few weeks as one short term measure that is being taking forward in an effort to alleviate some of the congestion.

I further pressed the Minister on whether he would consider the vesting of the derelict building on the corner of Bridge St/ Melvin Road with a view to demolishing it in order to provide space for additional car parking. In response he agreed that this was a possibility and has made a commitment to me that he will advise local officials to look at this option and that he will correspond with me on this issue. I welcome this commitment from the Minister and will continue to lobby him in the future.