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West Tyrone Councillor Welcomes Improvements to Tattyreagh Road

Published: 20 November, 2013

West Tyrone Sinn Féin Councillor Glenn Campbell has welcomed news that a section of the Tattyreagh Road close to Fintona will be resurfaced following the announcement of a £125,000 resurfacing scheme.

Councillor Campbell said the road improvement works would be welcome by motorists who use this busy stretch of road and said he was hopeful that this work would be followed by further investment on local roads in the coming months.

"I welcome the fact that DRD Roads Service will begin this work to the Tattyreagh Road on Monday 25th November and aim to have work completed by Friday 6th December. This resurfacing scheme is welcome news to people in Fintona and will be a further improvement to the road approaching Fintona from Omagh." Councillor Campbell continued, "The addition of turning lanes at Carnlea Bridge has improved safety at this juncture and the planned road work will further improve safety along this stretch of road. Whilst this work will result in some inconvenience to road users, I will be contacting the DRD Roads Service Section Office to seek assurance that effort will be made to minamise disruption." Councillor Campbell said he was hopeful that other planned road improvements along the Tattyreagh Road, including improvements to sightlines at the junction of Tattyreagh and Drumragh Road, would quickly follow this latest improvement. "I would be hopeful that DRD Roads Service will soon proceed with plans to improve sightlines to the south of the junction of Tattyreagh and Drumragh Roads. I have also pressed DRD Roads Service on additional signage to improve safety at Tattyreagh cross roads." Concluding, Councillor Campbell said he would continue to raise matters relating to this and other roads across West Tyrone. "At a recent site meeting with DRD Roads Service Section Engineer Harold Henry on 14th November, I joined local resident at the junction of the A5 and Springhill Road to raise concerns about the condition of the turning lane for traffic exiting the A5 toward Newtonsaville and Eskra." "The poor condition of the turning lane at this junction has meant that some motorists are not using the filter lane and are instead opting to stay in the left lane, reducing their visibility while making the turn. This is obviously a safety concern that needs to be addressed." According to Councillor Campbell resurfacing work at this junction has been identified as priority for DRD Roads Service. "I will continue to raise this matter with DRD Roads Service. Whilst nothing short of a full dual carriageway can fully address safety concerns on the A5, anything that can be done to improve safety in the interim period should be progressed without delay."