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Momentum building on call for Creggan Road footpath

Published: 19 November, 2013

Momentum is building on a call by local residents and Sinn Féin in Carrickmore for an extension on a footpath on the Creggan road in the Town. Currently there is no footpath provision on the road after it passes the Primary School in the town.

Local councillor Anne Marie Fitzgerald has been working alongside residents over the past number of months as the calls grow for an extension of the current footpath. This seen a meeting convened with local families and DRD Roads Service.

Speaking after once again raising the issue with DRD Roads Service last week Councillor Fitzgerald said:

"Having been approached by residents of the Creggan Road, Carrickmore I had made representations to Roads Service on their behalf. In turn I organised a meeting between Roads Service and local residents, including a local landowner who would allow his land to be used for the extension. Overall the meeting was positive with the need for an extension stressed to a senior Roads Service official.

Explaining the need Cllr Fitzgerald added:

"This road is used by many people on a daily basis and currently there is no footpath provision beyond the back of the Primary School. Senior Citizens use this road on the way to morning Mass in the local Chapel; School children also use it on a daily basis on the way to the local primary school, whilst many more use it to access the town centre, which is located a short distance away. We believe a footpath would help address the health and safety concerns of local people who use to road. It is a conservative estimation that 15 families would be affected in the local area by the lack of footpath provision on this stretch of the road.

"Support for such an extension not only enjoys the support of local people but amongst others including local schools, doctors and local clergy, who have provided letters of support calling for this extension.

"Last Week I, once again, raised this issue with DRD Roads Service at the special meeting between the council and the Roads Service, who have been very receptive so far. I would therefore call upon Roads Service to hear the voices of the local community and extend this footpath.