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No appetite for Ballycolman graffiti-Carlin

Published: 8 October, 2013

Strabane Sinn Féin Councillor Karina Carlin says that from soundings on the ground it is clear that there is no appetite in the Ballycolman for unsightly graffiti blighting walls in the area.

She said,

"This follows the much publicised "Join the Library" editing of "Join the IRA" and its subsequent return to the former slogan again. As a local councillor, I was contacted by NIE who requested that I endeavour contact those who may be able to assist in getting a consensus to secure a permanent removal of the graffiti.

"While I have been unable to ascertain who has been responsible, it is clear from all those individuals I have spoken to, and from residents on the ground that there is absolutely no support or appetite for the area being daubed with graffiti of any sort.

"On that basis, I have advised NIE that there appears to be absolutely no one wishing this graffiti to remain and that its removal would meet with warm and general agreement.

"However, even that this stage, I would invite anyone with a view to the contrary to contact myself and if this happens, I would be more than willing to explore with them how cultural and political identities can be expressed in a manner which enhances, rather than, detracting from the local area."