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Mc Mahon welcomes action on path between Church View/Courtrai Park

Published: 24 September, 2013

Strabane Sinn Fein Councillor Brian Mc Mahon has welcomed action taken by the Council's Technical Services Department to cut back trees and shrubbery that was covering the railings from Church View down the steep incline into Courtrai Park and also erecting a dog fouling disposal bin at the top of the much used pedestrian walkway following representation s he made on behalf of local residents.

He said,

"The walkway is a widely used by residents from Church View and the wider Curleyhill area. However, using it had become increasingly difficult for many of the more senior citizens of the area for regular things like going up and down to mass or the health centre, because they were no longer able use the railings as a mobility assist given that the trees and shrubbery had completely grown out over them.

"Following representations I made within Council on their behalf, I would like to commend the Technical Services Department workers on the clean and tidy job they have done in making the railings once again accessible.

"Dog fouling along the path also was a major issue among local residents and at my request a dog fouling disposal bin has now been installed at the top of the path at Church View and I would once again urge all dog owners to adopt a responsible approach by carrying a disposal bag and use the disposal bins that are now in place in almost all busy pedestrian areas of the town."