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John Downey should be released unconditionally - McColgan

Published: 2 August, 2013

Sinn Féin Omagh District councillor Marty McColgan has welcomed the decision to grant Donegal Republican, John Downey bail.

Speaking this week councillor McColgan, who also works with local Republican Ex Prisoners Group, Éirí na Gréine said:

"I welcome the decision to grant bail for John Downey, I think that it is ridiculous that he was arrested in the first place. His arrest and the decision to charge him is completely unwarranted given that he was informed following negotiations at Weston Park that he was not being sought by the PSNI or any Police force in Britain.

"This case along with that of Gerry McGeough and Michael Burns shows that there are still elements intent on pursuing Republican activists for actions which had taken place in the 1980s. British securocrats who have consistently opposed the peace process are still working to undermine it.

"The arrest of John Downey has caused considerable anger in the Republican community, especially amongst political Ex Prisoners. John should be released unconditionally and allowed to return to his friends and family in Donegal.