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Road Sign Causing confusion in Mid Tyrone

Published: 10 July, 2013

Mid Tyrone Sinn Féin councillor Anne Marie Fitzgerald has said she is working closely with technical services of Omagh District Council to change a sign between Carrickmore and Creggan which is causing confusion for local people in the area.

Explaining local Councillor Anne Marie Fitzgerald said:

"Sultin is an area between Creggan and Carrickmore in Mid Tyrone, and like many areas the local people are very proud when it comes to their local townland names. The name Sultin itself means 'the place where willows grow'. In the past number of months a sign was erected on the main Omagh to Cookstown road directing people to 'Sultan'. It would appear that those designing the signs have misspelt the local townland name. Going back generations this area would have been one of the last Gaeltacht areas of Ulster and the name Sultin is often anglised as 'Sultan' by statutory bodies, to the dismay of local people.

"When this sign was erected the spelling was immediately noticed by residents as being incorrect. I have received a number of phone calls relating to the issue. Indeed one of the local constituents who contacted me about the issue said a Sultan was a ruler of a Muslim country and to his knowledge there hasn't be one of them around these parts in quite a while!

"I have been working closely with Technical Services Department of Omagh District Council to rectify the situation and get this sign changed. Whilst the local council should be commended for their initiative of erected these signs I am anxious to get this one replaced. I have been given an undertaking this will take place in the next week and I welcome this.ENDS