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Republicans commemorate 40th anniversary of the 'Three Volunteers'

Published: 5 July, 2013

Republicans from throughout Ireland gathered in Tyrone last week to take part in a series of events to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Vols. Dermot Crowley, Patrick Carty and Sean Loughran. The three volunteers were killed on active service outside Omagh on 25th June 1973. To coincide with the actual date of the incident where the men lost their lives, the Tyrone SF commemoration committee in conjunction with East and South Tyrone Sinn Féin organised a commemoration at the Republican plot in Edendork where Vols. Patrick Carty and Sean Loughran are buried. The proceedings were chaired by Paul Kelly and the recently elected MP for Mid Ulster, Francie Molloy delivered the main oration. During his address, Francie said 'In Tyrone we are immensely proud of our patriot dead and are forever conscious that they laid down their lives so that we can have a better future in a free and united Ireland'. On Friday evening, the Dermot Crowley memorial lecture was delivered by veteran Tyrone Republican, Stan Corrigan who knew all of the three volunteers personally and by Cork Republican Donnchadh O Laoghaire who focused on the life of his fellow Cork city native, Vol Dermot Crowley. On Saturday, a commemoration was held at the monument dedicated to the three volunteers in Strathroy housing, Omagh. The proceedings were chaired by Cllr Marty Mc Colgan and the commemoration was attended by Republicans from throughout Ireland, including representatives of the Crowley family who travelled from Cork. The main address was given by Kerry North TD, Martin Ferris. During a very powerful speech Mr Ferris said 'During the course of the recent conflict, Tyrone lost a huge number of its finest young men. Many more men and women spent long years in jail for playing their part in the struggle for freedom. He continued 'I am very proud to address you to here this afternoon and remind ourselves that we will never forget the courage and sacrifice of the volunteers and their families. We will continue to struggle through the political institutions and in our communities to ensure that the cause for which they laid down their lives will one day be achieved'. The assembled crowd then moved to the Gortin Road where Dermott Crowley's sister, June laid a wreath at the actual spot where he, along with his comrades Paddy and Sean lost their lives 40 years ago.