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Trillick Leisure Centre Vandalism Condemned

Published: 1 July, 2013

West Tyrone Sinn Féin councillor Peter Kelly has condemned vandalism caused to the Trillick Leisure Centre in the past number of weeks. Speaking after a considerable amount of lead was removed from the roof the local councillor, who sits on the Board of Directors for the Leisure centre, said the vandalism would have an adverse affect for those using the centre.

Speaking on the issue Councillor Kelly said:

"I condemn the vandalism caused to the local leisure centre. Things are tight enough, financially without having to find extra resources to repair the damage to the centre. The damage caused will have a detrimental impact on those who use the centre, which is used quite extensively. Indeed the local Summer Scheme is usually based in the centre and is due to take place next week.

"We believe the damage was caused between the weekend of the 22nd June to the middle of the following week. The damage was only discovered as a result of the recent rain when it began leaking into the centre. I would ask anyone with any information to bring it forward so that those who were responsible can be apprehended and brought to book for this damage. The leisure centre is an important community facility and I know I will be joined by the local community in my outrage at this attack.