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McColgan expresses concern over PPS rulings

Published: 30 June, 2013

Omagh Sinn Fein Councillor Marty McColgan has expressed concerns around the decision by the Public Prosecution Service not to bring charges against members of the PSNI regarding two high profile court cases in Omagh over the past number of months.

In a statement this week Councillor McColgan said,

"There are serious concerns in the local community regarding the Police Ombudsman and the Public Prosecutions Service's handling of two recent controversial incidents involving members of the PSNI. The first case was an incident in John Street last December when two young men enjoying a night out were charged with assaulting police and disorderly behaviour, however when the case came to court both men had their charges dropped when video evidence clearly showed the PSNI being aggressive and using heavy handed tactics and as a result of this evidence a PSNI officer was accused of being the main aggressor in the incident and of inventing evidence.

"The second case relates to an incident in Shergrim Glen in January when Anthony Kirk and his wife Shona were assaulted and faced a list of charges after the PSNI had illegally and forcibly entered their home. At the subsequent court case the PSNI Sergeant in question conceded that there was no lawful basis for him or his officers entering Mr. Kirk's property. All charges were dropped against the couple and the Judge severely criticised the officers involved and said she was in 'no doubt that Mr Kirk was met with serious violence to his person and that police had no legal authority to forcibly enter the couple's home and were in serious violation of his person and his property rights.

"Both of these incidents were investigated by the Police Ombudsman and passed to the Public Prosecution Service and their decision on both occasions not to prosecute has caused concern and raised questions about the impartiality of the legal system. I am seeking a meeting with the PPS to get an explanation as to why, despite what seems like a substantial amount of evidence, no charges have been brought against the PSNI officers involved."