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Parades commission ruling - 'Cause for Concern'

Published: 3 June, 2013

Sinn Fein has described a parades commission ruling to allow a controversial loyalist band to parade through a contentious area of Castlederg on Tuesday evening 4th of June to Dergview Housing Estate in the town as a serious cause for concern.

Local Sinn Féin councillor Ruairi Mc Hugh said

'' The Parades Commission ruling, all be it with restrictions on the playing of music, is a serious cause for concern for a number of reasons. First of all this parade is another addition to the already lengthy list of loyalist and orange demonstrations that take place in Castlederg year on year.

'' Just recently the band in question , the Castlederg Young Loyalists, posted sectarian and offensive remarks on their facebook page which encouraged young Protestants not to engage in relationships with Catholics and not to use 'rebel' businesses in the town, comments which caused great anger within the Nationalist community.

''I would also have to question on what basis the Commission have come to their decision, given, to my knowledge, there has been no meaningful dialogue or consultation with businesses or residents alike along the contentious part of the route from Priest's lane out to Dergview Housing Estate by the applicant band.

'' The message the Parades Commission is sending out here to the Nationalist community in Castlederg is that lack of dialogue with community representatives, businesses and residents counts for nothing when making decisions on contentious parades, indeed it seems you will be rewarded for failure to enter into dialogue, a dangerous path to go down in my opinion''