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Hazardous back alley in Sion Mills to be repaired

Published: 21 May, 2013

Sinn Féin Councillor Brian Mc Mahon says that Roads Service have agreed to undertake remedial work to resurface and clean up the hazardous surface of the back alley behind homes in Garden Terrace and Park Terrace in Sion Mills.

He said,

"For the local residents, it has been a case of using the back alley at their own risk. This has been particularly the case when residents are taking out, and taking in, their wheelie-bins. The slippery, potholed and often flooded surface has resulted in a number of the local residents falling.

"It was difficult to establish who is responsible for maintaining the alley but having eventually established that Roads Service is the responsible agency, I sought a site meeting to discuss the terrible condition of the back alley.

"At the meeting, a local Roads Service official agreed that urgent remedial work was required and that this work would now be undertaken as a matter of urgency."