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Mc Guire welcomes progress on Carnoughter water pressure

Published: 13 May, 2013

Derg Sinn Féin Councillor Kieran Mc Guire says that NI Water is to take remedial steps to resolve the ongoing issue of low water pressure that residents of the Carnoughter Road, Castlederg have been enduring for years following on from representations he has made on the matter.

He said,

"The issue of low water pressure has been a long-standing one for residents of the Carnoughter Road. A survey carried almost 3 years ago found that the water pressure being supplied in this area was below the minimum standard of 15 Metres Head and 9 Litres per minute, as approved by the Authority for Utility Regulation.

"Despite repeated representations on my part, and on the part of other Sinn Fein elected representatives, to NI Water no progress was forthcoming so I took the step of contacting both the Consumer Council and the DRD Minister Danny Kennedy Private office directly by e-mail about the issue in March.

"This course of action seems to have worked as I have now received a positive response from NI Water stating that its contractor investigated this matter and established that a throttled valve on the Castlefin Road had contributed to the problem and that its removal has gained back approximately 6m pressure for the network downstream.

"NI Water is now to carry out further improvements to improve water pressure issues in the wider area namely: a cross connection at the junction of BarleyHill Rd and Castlefin Road, connecting the 150 PVC to the 80 PVC main which supplies west. This cross connection along with the anomaly resolution resolves the properties on the Carnoughter Road, which predicts a minimum of 20m pressure. Future west, a PRV and valve modification has been included along Laghtmorris Road to help reduce the high pressure currently experienced in this part of the network.

"Both schemes are part of WP134 High Priority WM Phase 1 project and are scheduled to commence this summer.