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Executive Commitment to A5 reaffirmed

Published: 1 May, 2013

Sinn Féin councillor Frankie Donnelly has welcomed a statement by Martin McGuinness, reaffirming the commitment of the Executive for the A5 dual carriageway project. In his comments, where he reported on the North South Ministerial Council meeting the Deputy First Minister said he had also reminded Eamon Gilmore and Enda Kenny of the commitments of the Dublin Government to the A5 Project. Martin McGuinness revealed that the Dublin Government would review their financial contribution to the project and would look at providing additional resources to the overall project.

Speaking following the comments West Tyrone Councillor Frankie Donnelly, who is a member of the joint councils lobby group for the A5, said:

"I welcome the re-affirmation by the Deputy First Minister of the Executives' commitment to the A5 project. I furthermore welcome that the project remains a strategic priority for the Executive. The strategic and economic importance of the road was also underscored in the remarks made by the deputy first minister.

"I am also pleased that Martin McGuinness has confirmed that funding which was set aside for the project would still be available whenever the outstanding issues with the road are addressed. This will ensure that whenever the current hurdles are overcome that work can commence on this highly important project. I furthermore await the review which will be undertaken by the Dublin Goverment over the next year looking at their financial commitment to the project, whereby they will assess whether they can make any further resources available to the project after the reneged on the level of their commitment within recent years.

"Whilst any delay in the project is regrettable the Executive has issued a strong endorsement of the project and with this level of political support and a growing level of public support we are confident of the successful delivery of this key project in the not too distant future.