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Beragh Bridge Work nearing completion.

Published: 30 April, 2013

West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty and Mid Tyrone councillor Sean Donnelly inspect the ongoing bridge works in Beragh

West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty and Mid Tyrone councillor Sean Donnelly inspect the ongoing bridge works in Beragh

Road users and pedestrians alike in Beragh will soon be availing of new widened bridge and footpath, linking Beragh Main Street and Cooley Road, which is being restored as a Roads Service project nears completion. West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty, who had fought for the project, has welcomed progress on the scheme, set to be completed at the end of June, after visiting the site on Tuesday morning.

The MP had met with Roads Service over the course of the past number of years to ensure the project was brought to fruition. He was given the Road Service commitment to carry out the project in a meeting with senior Roads Service officials last year.

Visiting the site on Tuesday morning alongside local councillor Sean Donnelly to view the ongoing work, the local MP said:

"It is good to see work progressing on the bridge reconstruction and road widening project. This project has been in the pipeline for the past number of years and so to see the fruits of the project being delivered is welcome. I had lobbied and met with Roads Service in office meetings as well as an onsite visit to ensure this project was brought forward and delivered for the local community.

"When complete this bridge will provide a footpath linking the village to the local Gaelic football club and also improve access for residents of McFarland Terrace to the Main Street.

"This project, which has been ongoing in Beragh since January, sees an investment of £400,000 into the bridge project, which will benefit many people, increasing road safety and ensuring the bridge remains fit for purpose into the future. In addition to this work the Main Street will also benefit from a resurfacing, ensuring the road surface remains to an acceptable standard, which in conjunction with the bridge project signifies as boost of £500,000 into the local Roads infrastructure in the area.

Saying the project would 'undoubtedly improve road safety' local councillor Sean Donnelly added:

"The previous bridge had no pedestrian facilities and this made it very dangerous for pedestrians, particular when two vehicles met on the bridge, which was very narrow. Therefore the construction of new walkways across the bridge will improve road safety. The entrance to the Red Knights GAA can become very busy at times of football training or matches and undoubtedly the work taking place on this bridge will improve road safety at this site for both for road users and pedestrians alike.