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Sectarian Facebook messages ' cause for serious concern' - Councillor Ruairí Mc Hugh

Published: 25 April, 2013

Screenshot from the facebook page.

Screenshot from the facebook page.

Derg Sinn Féin councillor Ruairí Mc Hugh has described messages posted on the Castlederg Young Loyalists Flute band's facebook page as ' sickening and a cause for serious concern '. In a statement condemning the comments Councillor Ruairí Mc Hugh said

' These sickening posts were just recently brought to my attention and when shown the content of what the moderator of the Castlederg Young Loyalist facebook page had posted, as well as the content written below in subsequent comments from friends of the Loyalist band's facebook page, I was sickened to read such sectarian and bigoted comments that can only be described as something from a throw back to the dark ages '

'It is alarming and in my opinion a cause for serious concern that we have someone who is in charge of moderating the Castlederg Young Loyalist facebook page being allowed to call on people to boycott well respected nationalist businesses and that 'something needs to be done ' to combat young Protestants going out with and socialising with Catholics in the town.

'Furthermore, the content from one individual in particular is particularly alarming as he uses language describing Catholics as 'Fenian B******s' and encouraging the burning of what he describes Catholics as 'papes' on the annual 11th night bonfire

'While I recognise that these type of comments do not reflect the constructive work over recent years towards positive community relations in Castlederg from certain quarters of the the loyalist community, it is disturbing none the less to read these opinions being posted on a social networking site and as an elected representative for the area they cannot be ignored.

' I would call on those people in charge of the Castlederg Young Loyalists Flute band to clarify their position towards the opinions posted by their own moderator on their facebook page as well as their relationship with those who have posted such sectarian and disgusting comments

'The comments and opinions expressed are to be totally condemned and in relation to one contributor in particular I believe the appropriate authorities should be taking action to investigate his comments as an incitement to hate crime'