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Conor Murphy MP delivers main oration at Coalisland Easter commemoration

Published: 2 April, 2013

There was a large gathering at Coalisland on Saturday for the annual Sinn Fein Easter commemoration to honour Volunteers Denis Quinn, Desmond Morgan, Colm Mc Girr, Tony Doris, Sean O'Farrell and Barry O'Donnell and all those who have given their lives in the pursuit of Irish Freedom.

The parade was led by the Coatbridge band from Scotland which has shown great loyalty to Tyrone over the last number of years taking part in commemorations right across the county.

Wreaths were laid on the graves of each of the volunteers on behalf of the East Tyrone Republican Movement and wreaths were laid on the Republican plot on behalf of Coalisland & Clonoe Martyrs Sinn Fein Cumann and Coalisland & Clonoe Ex-Prisoners Association.

Proceedings were chaired by Nuala Donnelly, chairperson of Coalisland/Clonoe Martyrs Sinn Fein Cumann.

The main oration was given by Conor Murphy MP for Newry/Armagh who extended sympathy and solidarity to the families of the fallen volunteers. He spoke of the difficult decisions that have been taken by Republicans over the last number of years and went on to say that all those who wanted a United Ireland needed to work for it that it will not fall into our laps if we just sit back and wait for it.

Conor spoke of the need for a new Ireland where we would not be answerable to the 'gombeen' masters in the free state or London and in conclusion he called on everyone to get involved in the border poll campaign. In reference to the comments made by some opponents regarding the border poll he applied an old saying "first they laugh at us then they argue with us then they talk to us and then we win".