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Easter Rising commemorated in Galbally, Donaghmore and Aughnagar

Published: 2 April, 2013


Local people gathered at the Republican plot in Galbally graveyard on Saturday evening for the annual Easter commemoration. The proceedings were chaired by Paul Kelly while the proclamation was read by Fergal O Donnell. Niamh Donnelly read the Tyrone Brigade Roll of Honour.

The main oration was delivered by Mid Ulster MLA Michelle O Neill who reminded people of the extreme courage and sacrifices shown by the volunteers and the people of the area.


The Easter commemoration in Donaghmore this year was chaired by veteran Republican, Seamus Grimes, while Niall Vincent read out the Tyrone Roll of Honour.


A large crowd of Republicans assembled along with the Gormley family at the graveside of Tony Gormley for the annual Easter commemoration in Aughnagar.

The proceedings were chaired by local Sinn Féin Councillor, Sean Mc Guigan while Tony's nieces and sister took part in the ceremony.