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Plumbridge Road resurfacing scheme hit by manhole cover thefts -Kelly

Published: 26 February, 2013

Glenelly Sinn Féin Councillor Dan Kelly says that the increasing problem of scrap metal theft is amply illustrated by the theft of 4 manhole covers on a stretch of the Plumbridge Road which had been raised and moved aside the evening previously in preparation for resurfacing work the next day. He said, "This major and much needed resurfacing scheme on the Ligford Road, from the junction of the Koram Road to the junction of the Ballynasollus Road began on Monday 11th February and work was scheduled to be completed this Sunday. "Hopefully these thefts and the disruption they have caused will not set back this envisaged timescale for the scheme to be fully completed. "However, given the narrow window of opportunity that was available for these manhole covers to be easily stolen, it once again illustrates the growing problem of scrap metal theft and the opportunistic nature of those involved in this activity. "I would urge everyone in the community especially in rural areas of Glenelly to take extra precautions to ensure that metal materials that would be of value are well secured.