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Bridgend residents' property being stolen to facilitate 'comfortable drinking sessions'-Carlin

Published: 26 February, 2013

Strabane Sinn Féin Councillor Karina Carlin says that two blue wheelie bins stolen from the front of homes of residents in O' Nolan Park were amongst a large volume of material burnt on the adjoining service lane to the NI Water Sewage Pumping Station by those engaged in a drinking session on Sunday Night. The local councillor said, "The previous weekend, a resident in Magirr Park thankfully recovered her wrought iron garden bench from the debris of a previous drinking session on the service lane to the pumping station beside Waterside Street. "Residents in the Bridgend have their wheelie bins collected on a Monday morning and two residents of O Nolan Park, who had left their blue bins out for collection early on Sunday evening, discovered the following day that their bins had been stolen and set on fire on the same service lane to the pumping station where drinking sessions are a regular occurrence. "Over the years, almost every resident in the Bridgend area has had to endure having at least some property damaged and/or stolen by some of those engaged in drinking sessions in the area and these latest incidents once again reflect the contemptuous attitude some of those involved in these drinking sessions have for this local community which has a particularly high proportion of elderly residents. "How would those involved in these incidents feel if it was their parents or grandparents who were on the receiving end of the hurtful and destructive activity that they have been engaged in. The people of the Bridgend area deserve the same respect that they would undoubtedly like accorded to their loved ones. "The continued misuse of the service lane behind O'Nolan Park for drinking sessions is also frustrating the ability of NI water workers to carrying out required regular maintenance checks at the pumping station without incurring damage to vehicles and could even jeopardise their ability access the facility in cases of emergency. "Those who treat residents property as a prop to facilitate 'comfortable drinking sessions' must reflect on not only the hurt and financial hardship they are imposing on local residents but also on wider the consequences for the wider community if their actions result in routine and emergency access to the pumping station being obstructed because of their actions.