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Mc Guire welcomes announcement by Invest NI to improve access to finance for small businesses

Published: 20 February, 2013

As part of its Access to Finance Strategy, Invest NI has appointed Ulster Community Investment plc ("UCI") to manage and deliver the NI Small Business Loan Fund. The aim of the Fund is to ensure that businesses are not held back because they cannot access finance.

Cllr Mc Guire said

'The NI Small Business Loan Fund ("the Fund") will provide typically unsecured loans to individuals, private companies and social enterprises in the SME and micro enterprise size range, in the start-up and growth phases of development.

I would encourage local SMEs to seek out more information for this fund as it may well help bridge a gap where other funding options have been exhausted. There is wide range of criteria for which this funding can be provided and it should be particularly helpful to those businesses where funding has been refused from a financial institution. Typical loans will be in the range of £1k- £50k therefore provides a possible opportunity for SMEs to grow their business in the current climate where financial funding from private banking can be extremely difficult to access

The Fund will be delivered by Ulster Community Investment plc ("UCI") and Loan enquiries should be made to the NI Small Business Loan Fund at:

T: 028 7776 3555

Email: enquiry@nisblf.com

Web: www.nisblf.com