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Concern of local roads highlighted

Published: 20 February, 2013

Sinn Féin Mid Tyrone Councillor Sean Donnelly has highlighted concerns over the poor condition of the Shane Road, outside Sixmilecross. He said the number and scale of potholes has left residents having to carefully navigate their way along the road to avoid damaging their vehicles.

Speaking on the issue councillor Donnelly said:

'The poor state of the Shane road has been highlighted to me by local residents who have to navigate the road on a daily basis. Having viewed the road for myself i have seen the large number of potholes on the road and would agree that the poor surface on the road should be repaired. Indeed it is a similar case on the nearby Foremass Road, which also has seen a number of large potholes developing on the road service.

"The issue of potholes is not a new one, but nonetheless they are a source of concern for local people, particularly local motorists who use the roads network on a frequent basis.

"Through our offices we have notified DRD Roads Service of the issues regarding the Shane and Foremass roads and urged remedial work to begin to ensure the roads remain up to standard and fit for purpose.