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New Road Opened outside Dromore

Published: 13 February, 2013

Dromore Sinn Féin councillor Ann Quinn has welcomed the opening of the new road, at Shannaragh, just outside Dromore. The road is a main corridor route for ambulances and emergency vehicles going to the new Hospital in Enniskillen and has been under construction for a number of months.

Speaking as she attending the road opening on Wednesday Councillor Quinn said the road was a welcomed project which should enhance safety and travel times locally.

"The Shannaragh realignment project, which amounted to £7.3 million, has been ongoing for the past year so its completion is a welcome development. The road, which stenches just under a mile and a half will enhance road safety as well journey times. Given that this is one of the main corridor routes to the new Hospital in Enniskillen this project is timely.

Councillor Quinn also said she hoped that flooding experience on the old Shannaragh road would be addressed by the opening of the new road.

Relating how the main Omagh to Dromore road had also become 'impassable' for a time last Monday as a flood developed in the Shannaragh, she said:

"The scale of the flood left this road impassable for a period on Monday. A number of vehicles had to do a u-turn and try to bypass the flood by using minor roads. Given that these minor roads cannot cope with large volumes of traffic, this in itself creates a problem.

"Whilst I accept that this rainfall has been of a level not seen for a number of years, I had highlighted my concerns with DRD Roads Service. Hopefully the opening of this new road, which bypasses the most critical section of the road susceptible to flooding, reduces to potential for travel disruption in the future.ENDS