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Call for Traffic Survey on Carrickmore Road

Published: 7 February, 2013

Sinn Féin Mid Tyrone Councillor Anne Marie Fitzgerald has asked Roads Service to carry out a traffic count survey on the Quarry road to assess whether it exceeds the quota to be included on the Winter Gritting Schedule.

Roads which are included on the Gritting schedule must have at least 1,500 vehicles using it on a daily basis. Speaking on the issue councillor Fitzgerald had the following to say:

"Since the introduce of the much sought after traffic calming measures on the Drumnakilly Road in Carrickmore the volume of traffic using the Quarry Road, which bypasses the town, has increased substantially. This includes through traffic going to towns such as Pomeroy or Dungannon as well as traffic going to local housings estates including Aughiogan and Ardtermann as well as those who are travelling to the local Dean Maguirc College.

"With this being the case I have written to DRD Roads Service to ask them to carry out a traffic count survey on the Quarry Road in Carrickmore to determine if it qualifies for the Winter Gritting Schedule, which currently is not the case. Its absence from the gritting schedule leaves this particularly busy stretch of road in a very poor condition in times of frost and snow. Indeed during the recent phase of cold weather during January a local constituent had brought this to my attention and had identified it as an issue of concern given that he, and many more, had travelled the road on a daily basis in very precarious conditions.

"I have been in correspondence to Roads Service locally to request that such a survey takes place on the road. I am of the opinion that with the substantial increase of traffic on the road it could well be in a position to be included on the gritting schedule.

"Adding weight to our argument is that fact that funding has been secured locally for the construction of a walkway along this road, which would link the town up with the local football club. The net result of this would see an increase in the numbers of pedestrians using the road and certainly to have this road included on the gritting schedule would have untold benefits for the health and safety for the users of the walkway.

"With a number of businesses, residential properties as well as the An Charraig Mhór Gaelic football club on the road it is clear that the addition of the road to gritting schedule would be of huge benefit to the daily roads users and the above utilities on this road.