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Mc Mackin praises Roads Service on work to alleviate Conthem Road danger

Published: 5 February, 2013

Sinn Féin Glenelly Councillor Michelle Mc Mackin has praised remedial works carried out on the Conthem Road after she made representations to Roads Service on behalf of local people who were deeply concerned that run-off water constantly cascading down the surface of the road would cause a serious accident. She says, "Local people were deeply concerned that the problem of water, continually cascading down the hill and around the corner on the Conthem Road would result in a serious accident and particularly so when temperatures dipped below zero and the surface of the road became like an ice rink. "When I initially contacted Roads Service on the issue they made an effort to resolve the problem by building up the mounds of clay at the side of the road but this made the problem worse as the water cascading down the hill was now being joined with muck and stones from these mounds. "I once again contacted Roads Service to alert them to what was happening and got a commitment that that they would look at other potential solutions and last week Roads Service personnel laid pipes along the side of the road to channel water away from the surface of the road and this appears to have completely alleviated the problem. "Local people are delighted at the outcome and I would like to praise Roads Service for the good job they have done to sort this issue out."