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Doherty welcomes Food Standards Agency re-assurance over Mc Colgan's products

Published: 4 February, 2013

Sinn Féin West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty has welcomed confirmation from the Food Standards Agency that Mc Colgan's Quality Foods Ltd has been very proactive in relation to its responsibilities and that no pork meat was found in halal products the company by supplied to Prisons in England and Wales saying that he hopes that it will re-assure costumers and consumers alike. He said, "I hope that this confirmation will re-assure costumers and consumers alike that Mc Colgan's food products are subject to a high standard of quality control as evidenced by the pro-active procedures the company had in place which enabled these very very low trace elements of pork DNA to be identified. "Mc Colgans, like virtually all companies in this line of work, make a wide variety of different meat and poultry based products and experts on the industry have verified that as such it is impossible to avoid cross-contamination at some level, and particularly trace elements as is in this case, in the production process no matter how thorough health and safety measures are. "Mc Colgans has expressed deep and genuine regret over this development given the context of the strict guidelines under Islamic law, but it must be once again reemphasised that absolutely no pork ingredients were used in the products that were sampled and that the Food Standard Agency was not treating this development as a public health issue". "I am therefore sure that confidence in the company's wide range of products will not be dented and I trust that people will continue to adopt a commonsense approach on these matters.