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Woman living in fear after foiled theft

Published: 4 February, 2013

Castlederg Sinn Féin Councillor Ruairi Mc Hugh has described as 'living in absolute fear' a woman who had a close shave with would be robbers after her son foiled an attempted theft of heating oil from her Hillview Park home, he said- "The thieves were attempting to steal oil from the woman's oil tank in the early hours of Wednesday week ago, but were foiled in their attempt to do so when her son who had been wakened by the barking of the dogs went outside to investigate. Upon doing so he seen one individual by the oil tank and when he attempted to accost the thief an accomplice emerged striking the man who was knocked unconscious for a short period. The thieves then proceeded to enter the house were they ransacked the woman's kitchen before fleeing the scene after the son again tried to apprehend them." "Since this incident took place the woman who is a long time resident of the area and who has serious health complications has been unable to sleep at night for fear of a return of these thugs. Only through the good fortune of the woman's daughter being home from England to visit, which is the reason her son happened to be staying overnight, she would usually be alone and unable to defend herself or her property." "My information is that at least one of the thieves, who is not from the area, was recognised by a number of residents as they fled the scene and hopefully it will only be a matter of time before they are apprehended. I would also urge people to be vigilant to this type of incident and to make sure they have adequate safe guards on their oil tanks as well as on access to their property."