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Mc Mackin welcomes installation of 'grit box' at Victoria Bridge development

Published: 7 January, 2013

Glenelly Sinn Féin Councillor Michelle Mc Mackin has welcomed the instalment of a 'grit box' in the Breenvale residential development in Victoria Bridge following representations she made to Road's Service seeking the measure. She said, "I was contacted by local residents in Breenvale asking that I lobby Road's Service to have a grit box installed in the development which has a steep gradient and given the problems pedestrians and motorists alike have been encountering in attempting to navigate through it safely when temperatures dip to freezing and below. "On foot of this lobbying, Roads Service conducted an assessment and the given the extent of the gradient it was deemed to have met the criteria to justify a yellow grit box and so I would like take this opportunity to thank the officials involved for addressing this major issue of concern for local residents.