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Ensure 'new farm maps' are scrutinised in detail

Published: 11 December, 2012

Sinn Féin Cllr Kieran Mc Guire has urged local farmers to scrutinise in detail their new farm maps which will soon be released by the Department of Agriculture. In order to meet the criteria set down by the EU Commission every new map must state the Maximum Eligible Area on which the Single Farm Payment for 2013 will be based. Cllr Mc Guire said, 'Following the recent announcement by the Department that they will be soon issuing every farmer with a new map I would call on all farmers, to ensure that they inspect the maps, as soon as they get them as it is their sole responsibility to ensure they are correct. Should a farmer notice any discrepancies it is vital they report this immediately to the Department as failure to report this may lead to loss of the SFP or worse still a penalty being levied upon the farm. The Department have stated they will be issuing advice on how to check the new maps so it is vital that farmers should take their time to read the advice and if unsure seek assistance from a local representative or the Department.'