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Sinn Féin in conact with statutory agencies over 'Plot Pad' issues

Published: 11 December, 2012

Strabane Councillor Karina Carlin says Sinn Féin has been making representations to various statutory agencies in relation to problems with the state of the 'Plot Pad'. She said, "The 'Plot Pad' is an extremely busy pedestrian thoroughfare but over recent months, and on the back of numerous complaints from local residents, Sinn Féin has been making representations to relevant statutory agencies in an effort to get various problems that have arisen sorted out. "One of the problems has been the build up of a large stretch of residual muck at the upper end of the Plot Pad, around the entrance to Knockavoe Crescent, which was not only unsightly but which was also becoming increasingly slippery especially after rain or when temperatures dipped below zero. Thankfully Roads Service carried out work to clear this away at the end of last week. "A perennial problem, particularly around the middle section of the Plot Pad, has been the vandalism to the street lighting columns. We have had to be in regular contact with the DRD Street Lighting Section about this problem and most recently had to request that they come out to repair two lights that had been knocked out of action. Since then one of the lights has been put out of action again and so I would make an appeal for whoever is doing this on a basis to stop it. "Sinn Féin has also been in contact with the Housing Executive about the ploughing up of the large green area, under its ownership, at the bottom of the Plot Pad. Local people believe the damage was caused up by a heavy duty vehicle undertaking hedge cutting work and we have asked the Executive to investigate the matter in an effort to see if the damage done can be rectified."