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Unionist Protesters block main Hospital routes

Published: 7 December, 2012

Sinn Féin Omagh District Councillor Marty McColgan has condemned those behind the blocking of traffic at the swinging bars roundabout on Thursday evening. Approximately 70 unionist protestors, many carrying the union flag of Britain, blocked the roundabouts four exits, including the two main hospital routes according to the local Omagh District Councillor after they had paraded through the town. He also said many local people are furious at the protest as well as the inaction of the PSNI to ensure that the roundabout remained open.

Speaking on the issues councillor McColgan said:

"The blockage of the Swinging Bars roundabout is a disgrace, particularly given its location in close proximity to the Tyrone County Hospital. No consideration was given to the affect it could have on visitors to the Hospital, the Urgent Care and Treatment Centre and the Out of Hours Centre or how could affect the A&E Ambulance Station which is located in the vicinity of the hospital.

"It is my understanding that a parade took place from the

Hospital Road

area and proceeded through Omagh Town Centre before blocking the swinging bars roundabout causing widespread disruption. This is the last thing Omagh Town centre needs in the run up to Christmas. We as local councillors and community activists have been working very hard to draw trade into the town in the run up to Christmas, parades such as the one that took place on Thursday evening only serve to drive people away from the Town.

"Having spoken to local people since Thursday they are clearly very angry that such a parade, which was an illegal gathering, was allowed to proceed furthermore they are angry that the PSNI failed to remove the protestors from blocking this roundabout or prevent such a demonstration that caused major disruption in the town for up to 3 hours.