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A5 'essential economic lifeline for the West'

Published: 12 November, 2012

West Tyrone MLA Declan Mc Aleer has said that the construction of the A5 Western Transport Corridor is an essential economic lifeline for the west.

He was speaking after the DRD Minister revealed that the financial benefits of implementing the entire A5 project would be in the region of £1.072 billion over the standard 60-year assessment period.

According to Mr Mc Aleer 'The A5 Western Transport Corridor is an essential economic lifeline for hard pressed communities west of the Bann. It is the catalyst we need to kick start economic growth and make the west a more enticing prospect for investors.

'It is frustrating that the current delay is not only preventing this regeneration potential but is also placing up to 800 construction jobs on hold. For every month that passes, £10.7 million is lost from the A5 pot to other programmes. The A5 contracts should have been signed this month and work should have been underway but the project is in a state of limbo.

In answer to the written Assembly question tabled by Mr Mc Aleer, DRD Minister Danny Kennedy said :

'Economic assessments associated with the A5 Western Transport Corridor scheme indicate that, over the standard 60-year assessment period, the financial benefits associated with implementing the entire A5 dualling project would be of the order of £1.072 billion.

'This includes accident and time savings which generate benefits associated with existing use as well as wider economic benefits associated with regeneration of the local area.

In conclusion Mr Mc Aleer said 'The A5 project is a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve the quality of life of people living in the west. As a member of the DRD Committee I will do my bit to ensure that this project is kept at the top of the Ministers priority list and that it gets back on track as soon as possible'.