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Simple measures to combat farm theft.

Published: 1 November, 2012

West Tyrone Sinn Féin councillor Peter Kelly has urged farmers to take precautions to prevent thief of farm machinery and equipment after he claimed such incidents seemed to be on the increase. He said simple measures could help prevent thefts of local property. It is estimated that the cost of theft from farms across the north topped £3.8m in 2011.

Speaking on the issue councillor Kelly said: "Simple things like securing your property with locks and having better lightening around your property will help deter potential thieves. Additionally tools should be locked away and kept out of sight, with vehicles kept inside locked sheds. Farmers can also mark their property, such as trailers, so that in cases where they are stolen they can be traced and returned to their owners. Likewise livestock identification is essential and will also serve to deter thieves. "A culmination of factors including the poor current economic climate and a drop in the price for produce is already placing a heavy burden on farmers without having to deal with potential thefts of farming machinery or livestock.