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PSNI accused of 'minimalist' approach.

Published: 25 October, 2012

Sinn Féin west Tyrone councillor Frankie Donnelly has accused the PSNI of adopting a minimalist approach following the first public meeting of the Policing Committee of the Omagh PCSP held on Wednesday night. The PCSP is a combination of the Community Safety Partnership and the DPP. The Sinn Féin councillor claimed that a report amounting to one side of an A4 sheet was provided by PSNI commander Sue Steen, which was supposed to have covered a six month period. Previous reports according to Cllr Donnelly amounted to over 20 pages and were more comprehensive. Following the meeting councillor Donnelly made his feelings known: "This minimalist approach by the PSNI is completely unacceptable. Indeed I would go further in saying it is insulting. This report was supposed to have covered a six month period; previous reports were far more substantial, providing more information and statistics. What we were presented with on Wednesday fell well below the standard of what was expected of the district commander. "Having raised this issue with the commander at the meeting she stated that this being the first public meeting she was unsure of what was expected. I don't accept that in the slightest. The level of accountability within the PCSP remains the same as with the DPP, through the Policing Committee. Whilst the PCSP may be new, the accountability mechanisms are not and have been in place for a number of years now. "I think the fact that there was cross party dismay at the length of the report supports my view that this minimalist approach is unacceptable. In order to try and address some of these issues a number of public representatives on a cross party basis will meet with the district commander in the coming days.CRÍOCH