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Protect pipes the message as winter approaches.

Published: 23 October, 2012

Sinn Féin councillor Sean Begley has endorsed a new campaign by NI Water which urges householders to take simple measures to protect water pipes over the winter months. Councillor Begley said that people should take preventative steps now ahead of winter after a particularly cold spell in the winter of 2010/11 left many homes in the district without water. On many occasions this seen many households suffering without water supplies for days.

Speaking following NI Water launched the campaign councillor Begley said:

"In the winter of 2010/11 very many households were left without a water supply due to a prolonged period of freezing weather. It had been the most sustained period of cold weather for very many years and seen many families struggling without a water supply. In order to prepare local families for any potential return of the inclement weather this year NI Water have began an information campaign to highlight what people can do to avoid having frozen pipes.

"People are urged to avoid having frozen pipes with a few simple measures. These simple measures include insulating water tanks and pipes in unheated areas, such as lofts, roof spaces, garages and outhouses. Fix dripping taps as it can freeze and block the pipe. Find and test the Internal Water stop, sometimes located under the kitchen sink. Householders can also leave their heating on low when they are away from the house and may also leave trap door open to allow the warm are to circulate around the tanks and water pipes in the roof space.

"Although last years winter was less severe in terms of the amount of snow and ice experienced I think it is better to be prepared. As the old adage goes prevention is better than a cure. So I fully endorse this campaign by NI Water. Should anyone wish to receive a leaflet on the issue we currently have them in stock on our offices on 4 James Street, Omagh.