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Traffic calming consultation planned for Loughmacrory

Published: 5 October, 2012

Declan Mc Aleer with fellow Loughmacrory Community Development Association member, Sharon O Brien

Declan Mc Aleer with fellow Loughmacrory Community Development Association member, Sharon O Brien

West Tyrone MLA and Chairman of Loughmacrory Community Development Association, Declan Mc Aleer has welcomed confirmation from Roads Service that a consultation on traffic calming for the village will be carried out before the end of the year.

According to Mr Mc Aleer 'Loughmacrory is a very vibrant village with a population that has increased significantly during the past 10 years. This vibrancy is enhanced by the growing numbers of people coming to the area for recreation and water based activities at the lough.

'One of the by-products of a growing population and the popularity of the area for visitors is an increased volume of traffic and the safety implications that this has for villagers, particularly young children. Locals have been concerned for some time that many cars approaching the village do so at excessive speeds and it is these concerns which have prompted the call for traffic calming measures.

'The DRD traffic study has indicated that Loughmacrory merits calming measures and I welcome the news I received in an email from the Divisional Roads Manager on Friday which stated:

"I confirm that Loughmacrory is currently the highest priority scheme for Omagh District Council area within our current traffic calming programme for the period 2012-2014. Consultation for the scheme will be undertaken before the end of December 2012 with implementation of scheme early in 2013-14 financial year, subject to funding being available for the project".

Mr Mc Aleer continued 'Whilst I understand that the final scheme is subject to DRD funding, I strongly encourage local people to come along to the consultation and share their views on the type of scheme they envisage for the village.

'In my capacity as MLA and chair of Loughmacrory community association, I plan to discuss this matter further with Roads Service and will keep local people updated through our community notes and social media. I am of the opinion that traffic calming measures need to be implemented as soon as possible to avert accidents and make our village safer for residents, pedestrians and all road users'.