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Safety Issues raised on Altamuskin Road

Published: 3 October, 2012

Sinn Féin Mid Tyrone councillor Sean Donnelly has said he has serious concerns about safety issues on the Altamuskin road outside Sixmilecross. He was speaking after hosting senior Roads Service officials on the road to discuss possible safety measures for a local family who have seen property damaged after car crashes at a particularly hazardous bend close to their family home.

Speaking on the issue councillor Donnelly said:

"I had been on contact with a local family who live in the Altamuskin road after they raised serious concerns about car crashes happening on a hazardous bend near their home. On a number of occasions this has led to family property being damaged as a result of these accidents. The junction is a potential death trap. Along with local MLA Barry McElduff we raised our concerns to Roads Service and had an onsite meeting with them and the affected family in the recent past.

"At this meeting we had examined possible actions to alleviate the potential for further car accidents. Although we, as elected representatives, took into account the rural locality of the area we believed that this particular case merits the installation of rumble strips or a skid resistant coating on the road. Such rumble strips were present in other areas of Tyrone and would be beneficial in alerted drivers to a particularly hazardous bend in the road. At the meeting a number of action points were agreed including improved signage and road markings at the bend and on approach to it. It was also proposed to have a road surface test to measure the surface skid resistance as well as ensuring the grass verge approaching the constituents property is cut to rural road maintenance standards.
"In addition to the road markings and additional signage I believe that, given the huge health and safety issues involved, that the installation of rumble strips should be considered by DRD Roads Service. Unless more is done to reduce the speed of drivers at this bend we could be looking at even more serious consequences, it would regrettable if we were looking at similar actions in the future in response to even more accidents at this spot.