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NI Water to address Cannonhill sewage issue

Published: 20 September, 2012

West Tyrone MLA Declan Mc Aleer has welcomed a commitment from NI water to finally address the issue of sewage leakage onto driveways and footpaths in Cannonhill.

'This is a very serious public health matter and NI Water has been contacted several times by residents over the last few months. During this time they have sent workers out to unblock the sewers but they have not sent out engineers to investigate what is causing the blockages.

'I have drawn this matter to the attention of the ODC's environmental health department and NIW and am glad to note that NIW have now advised that an initial investigation was undertaken last week revealed the sewer to contain 'silt'. They are now arranging to have the sewer cleansed before carrying out a camera survey.

'The results of this survey should provide information on the state of the drain and highlight any inherent defects and the necessary remedial action. Given the public health concern, I will press NIW to carry out these works as a matter of priority'.