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Inspection of Bridge Welcomed

Published: 11 September, 2012

Sinn Féin Mid Tyrone Councillor Sean Donnelly has welcomed a commitment from DRD Roads Service to inspect the Bridge at Glenaness Road in Sixmilecross following serious concerns of the bridge structure, raised by Councillor Donnelly.

Highlighting the current issues with the Bridge councillor Donnelly insisted remedial action needs to be carried out:

"The Structure of the bridge is in a very poor condition with parts of the wall crumbling away. Not only is this unsightly but also highlights serious health and safety issues for road users and pedestrians who use the bridge. Although the Glenaness road is a small rural road, it still has a considerable volume of traffic and has many residential properties. With this in mind and following local representations I have asked DRD Roads Service to inspect the bridge with a view to carrying out remedial action to ensure the bridge remains up to an acceptable standard and remains fit for purpose.