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Omagh Traffic Lights failure could lead to serious accident - McColgan

Published: 8 September, 2012

Omagh Sinn Féin representative Marty McColgan has been in contact with DRD Road Service and the PSNI regarding the failure of the traffic lights at the County Hall junction on Saturday.

He said,

"I was travelling into Omagh town on Saturday 7th September at 12noon when I noticed the traffic lights at the County Hall junction were not working. I immediately reported it to DRD Road Service to alert them of the danger. They informed me that they were aware of the problem but that the responsibility for traffic lights are leased out to a private contractor based in Belfast who they had contacted at 8am that morning. I also alerted the PSNI about it, as I had witnessed a number of near collisions, and asked them to deploy someone to direct traffic to avoid a serious accident, in the interim of the traffic lights not being operational. They informed me that they were also aware of the situation but that they were very busy and were unable to deploy anyone to deal with the problem."

"I returned to the town later that day at about 3.15pm and noted that over 7 hours after first being reported by road service, that the traffic lights had still not been repaired and the PSNI had no one deployed to direct traffic. A serious accident could occur as a result of this length of delay, particularly on such a busy junction on such a busy day. I have spoken to Declan McAleer MLA regarding this matter and we will be seeking an urgent meeting with the Divisional Roads Manager Pat Doherty and the PSNI to ensure that incidents like this will receive urgent attention in the future."