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Welcome for Grass Cutting

Published: 4 September, 2012

Sinn Fein councillor Ann Quinn has welcomed confirmation from DRD Roads Service that Grass cutting will commence on the Verges of rural roads after the programme was initially delayed due to late growth. Councillors were informed that the first stage of the grass cutting scheme was complete across the district and that another cut will take place, where the expenditure is justified.

Welcoming the announcement councillor Quinn said:

"This issue was raised at a recent meeting of the council and in written confirmation from DRD Roads Service in the past number of weeks they have confirmed that grass cutting has commenced in August. This is a welcome development, speaking from my own experience as a councillor in the West Tyrone area it is an issue of concern to people. Whilst seeming insignificant in comparison to other road related issues grass cutting of the verges of rural roads is still an important issue to people living in the rural areas of our district.