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Welcome for Translink WiFi announcement

Published: 14 August, 2012

Sinn Féin councillor Sorcha McAnespy has welcomed the announcement that free Wi-Fi will soon become available on key Translink services in the north and including Bus and rail services to the capital, Dublin. The Company announced earlier this week that the service will go 'live' in the coming weeks.

Speaking following the announcement the Omagh town Councillor said:

"This is a welcome development and one which will make public transport a more attractive option and will hopefully be followed by a marked increase the usage of public transport. It is my understanding that the Wi Fi services will be available on all Goldline bus as well as Train Services. The internet connection speed offered via WiFi is considerably higher than available through other connections and will, allow the download of files quicker as well as allowing a safe, high speed connection to internet services for work, personal use or just to browse the internet whilst on your journey. This can only be a good thing and one which will bring great benefits to Translink costumers and users who will benefit.

"If we are serious about enticing people to use public transport rather than private transport such proposals as providing free WiFi are apt examples of how to go about this.