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Councillor Urges Motorists to be Aware of Risks Posed by Livestock on Rural Roads

Published: 31 July, 2012

West Tyrone Sinn Fein Councillor Glenn Campbell has urged motorists to be aware of the risks posed by livestock on rural roads.

Speaking after several cows were killed on Clanabogan Road last Monday night (30th July), Councillor Campbell siad,

"I understand several cows were killed following a collision with a vehicle on the Clanabogan Road.

"Thankfully, no motorists were seriously injured in this incident.

"However, this does serve to highlight the dangers that motorists face when livestock find themselves loose on our roads.

"Whilst this incident happened on a main road, motorists are particularly at risk on minor rural roads.

"I would urge motorists to exercise care and immediately report any livestock they encounter along our roads."